What are the traditional high poker hand ranks while playing poker online Casino?

Poker online Casino is an exciting and fun way to play poker and players can enjoy playing poker in the convenience of their home, office or even while traveling thanks to numerous poker websites available in multiple languages. Poker online can also be played on several mobile apps. But before playing any game one must know the proper rules about it. Here, we explain roles which are related to the traditional version of high poker hand ranks.

  • Straight flush — if you have five cards of the same suit and that too in sequence, then it is called as a straight flush. If a tire happens with a straight flush, then the person with the highest rank in the sequence wins the game. For a straight flush, the best possible card combo is known as a royal flush and it consists of the ace, king, Jack, queen, and ten cards of a suit.
  • Four of a kind — if you have four cards, which are of the same rank, and one different card is known as kicker then it is known as four of a kind. If there is a tie, then the latter with the highest value of the same card wins. If it is played using community cards and two players have the same set of fours, then the value of the kicker is considered.

  • Full house — if a person has three cards of the same rank and two cards that are also same, but of a different rank then it is a full house. Like three kinds and two aces or similar combinations. In case of the tire, the value of the three matching cards is considered. If that value is same for two players in case of community cards, then the two card value is considered.
  • Flush — if a player gets five cards of the same suit then it is a flush. In a tie person with the highest value of cards wins. If the cards are same then other cards of lesser value are compared. If all cards are same then the pot is split.
  • Straight— if a player gets five cards which are in a sequence then it is straight. In the event of the tire, the highest ranking card determines the winner.
  • Three of a kind— If one gets three cards of the same value and another two cards are unrelated then it is called three of a kind. The highest ranking of the three related cards is considered first in deciding the winner. If that is same then the value of the other two cards is taken into consideration.

These are some of the rules of poker online แทงบอล.