The world of handicap betting

Handicap is a type of betting that is popular in many sports, especially in football and also rugby. This is used by bookmakers to even out the odds between a favourite team and an underdog one; out of which one is given an advantage while the other is at a disadvantage. This is quite famous in a number of Asian countries and also in USA and some other areas of the world.

Variations of handicap betting

When betting on the handicap betting market the better team is awarded a point handicap to eliminate the difference in the quality of betting. There are a number of different variations of handicap betting that are given below:

  • 3 way handicap betting- in this the bettors get an opportunity to bet on the handicap tie option. Selecting a handicap tie option is like a way betting on the finish of the match and on the victory of the team that is receiving a deficit.
  • No draw handicap betting- this betting ensures that there is a guaranteed winner, by ruling out the option for a draw. The no draw handicap market allows half point handicaps to the outcome.
  • Asian handicap betting- the Asian handicap betting is perfect for football traders. Here also the draw is eliminated and it is a variation to the no draw handicap match. Here there is also a possibility of split handicap where the selection is made of whole, half or quarter of the numbers.

Out of these the Asian handicap betting is quite famous as it is known to be the best of all the possible bets in the world because:

  • It allows maintaining a constant involvement with your favourite sport.
  • It is a good chance for making some money for oneself.
  • It has a good selection system.
  • It offers to make more money that the bookies themselves.
  • There is a chance of importing the odds and turning them in your favour.

Handicap betting definitely is an attractive way of gambling and that is why it is used for most of the games like tennis, gold, sailing, polo and soccer.