The traditional game of sabung ayam

Sabung ayam or cockfighting is one of the most popular blood sports worldwide and it takes place illegally throughout south and Central America, Africa and Asia. Philippines is the only place where it is accepted as a national sport and is 100 percent legal. Sabung ayam is considered to be a big business and a huge amount of money is put on stake in form of bets on the cock who would win the fight. Cocks are trained to fight against one another in a cockpit. Sabung ayam is quite famous in Bangkok and fights take place atleast once every week.

Sabung ayam or cockfighting is not only played on land in huge pits but also just like other gambling games are paid online; this is also played on online betting sites. There is no difference in the game whether played online or offline.

How the game of sabung ayam is played online?

  • In this game a brutal fight takes place among the make cocks or chickens and people place a bet on the result of the fight.
  • The game is stopped when one of the cocks is killed.
  • People in this game are supposed to place a bet on the result of the fight.
  • In this game the roosters are dropped into a small pit in order to fight against east other.
  • In case both the cocks are alive then they have to peck each other; the one who doesn’t peck loses the fight.
  • If one cock runs away from the fight then the other would be declared a winner.
  • The cocks that lose the fights are treated as trash and are thrown in dead piles.

How is the winner of the game determined?

The winner of the game is determined on the following basis:

  • If a rooster dies then the one which survives is the winner
  • If both the roosters are alive then both the roosters have to peck each other; the one who does not peck anymore will lose.
  • If one rooster runs away from the fight then that rooster would be declared a loser.

There are a number of sites that have sabung ayam to play and it has made playing this traditional game quite comfortable. There is no such difference between offline and online playing of this game; all one needs is an internet access.