Healthy Gambling – How to prevent Gambling addiction

Online casino games are equally popular in all strata of society. From the affluent who can spend all the money to the middle class and the lower class of economy who may have to put aside money to play the games. Casino games are enjoyed by all and they are played for different reasons. ป๊อกเด้ง online can be a great stress buster, a pass time or a hobby. Whatever the reasons be, it is cherished by all.

However, there is a line that a player must draw in order to prevent obsession. Like all good things that you can get addicted to, gambling is addictive too. Healthy gambling becomes an outlet for you to release stress and break the monotony of the every day life. On the other hand, it could become problem gambling.

Let us spread awareness about Problem Gambling or Gambling addiction by knowing the early signs of Problem Gambling. However, prevention is always better than cure. An addiction is a threat to anyone’s physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social well being. It soon becomes a problem not only for you but also for people around you like your family, friends and loved ones.

Signs of Problem Gambling

These are a few tell tale signs of Problem Gambling. These are signs we must look at when trying to analyze any abnormal playing. This is not just for correcting yourself but also anybody around who is facing issues with compulsive gaming. The sooner we realise these signs the better.

The urge to play

A constant urge to play is the very first signs of compulsive gambling. When you cant maintain that balance between work, family and other social activities. When gaming is all that is on your mind. You are getting obsessed over playing games, it is time to step back and take a break.


It is very common to start lying about something you want to do badly. The same applies to compulsive gaming. When you start lying about things like the time you are spending online and the kind of money you have been betting, to your family and friends, it is high time you draw the line.


Stealing is another sign of an addict. In case of a gambling addict, he steals money or for that matter anything that he can sell and make money of. When there is any money or valuables missing, it could most probably be the addiction that is playing it’s part. As soon as you get this sign take it as a red flag and stop yourself from falling into the clan of compulsive gamers.

Withdrawing Behaviour

If you feel least interested in what is happening around you. If family matter do not interest you and you stay aloof from friends and family. If your productivity at work is going for a toss. All these are clear signs of an addiction.

When you realise you are experiencing these signs, take a break. Give yourself time to think over things. With willingness and the right kind of approach you can definitely fight the addiction.