Gambling Safely Online – What are the Odds?

     Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Online Gambling is relatively newer but is essentially the same, it is just the medium and the reach that has changed. Online gambling has united the world’s gamblers and brought traditional games from other countries into the international scene. Games like cockfighting, dadu online, dice games and traditional card games have been brought online and anyone in the world can play them. This made online gambling all the more appealing to everyone in the world. However is it safe? Is anything online ever is?


      To be fair to being online, safety is relative. Betting, traditionally or otherwise will always have corresponding dangers associated with it. Of course, one may argue that if you want to be safe, do not gamble at all right? If it cannot be helped there are several ways to be safe. Read on and have a look at some of these so you can be one step to being safer online.


     Knowledge is the first line of defense in any situation. This would be a good time to find out a site’s reputation in terms of how fast you can get paid your winnings and in general, have a look at reviews about the site and how they operate. Take a look at forums and their social media presence. Chances are if there are any complaints or praise for them, it would be here. This would also be the best time to read the “fine print” or the rules and regulations of the site before placing any money in the site. Check if their website is secure by looking for the padlock icon in the address bar.


     When you have registered your details and have logged in to a website, do not simply close your browser window. It is always advisable to log out of the site before you close the window. Use a password generator for the strongest passwords and never use words from your personal life such as birthdays of any of your important family members or their names. Use a password manager if you are having difficulty remembering passwords. Never play in public hotspots or public access wifi. Always use your personal computer when playing. If possible, create a user account in your PC just for playing games, make sure that it is not an administrator account. This adds an extra layer of protection against malware and viruses. In line with that always make sure your anti-virus is updated to the latest version. Use two-factor authentication on credentials for logging in.

Pace Yourself

      If you feel that your online gambling has passed the threshold for addiction, stop and take a breather. Moreover, make sure YOU create thresholds for you to stop yourself and remember reality. Keep a regular check on how much you are spending and make sure you tell someone about it to give yourself a fighting chance against being addicted to this activity.