6 Important Terms in Online Casino Gaming

Have you wondered if you can have extreme fun while earning money? Online casino gaming could be the way for you to do that. There are numerous reliable websites online to engage in this activity, such as DominoQQ Online. It is crucial to know some significant terms in online casino gaming for excellent chances of winning.

3 Important Terms Concerning Betting


Odds are a pair of numbers that reflect the probability of an event happening, such as winning a bet. It is crucial to know that odds vary from the type of casino. Its types include decimal odds, fractional odds, and moneyline odds. Among these, the decimal odds may be the most straightforward of the three.

Table Limit

Table limit deals with the amount a player can gain at any casino table. Casinos implement this because there needs to be enough money to pay out players’ wins promptly. For the players, this limit prevents overspending.

Casinos may set a meager amount to encourage a vast amount of casual players while an exceedingly huge amount engages high rollers or the people who desire immense win. While most casinos have table limit, some casinos offer ‘no-limit’ games where there is no limit to the amount for the wins and bets.

Capping a Raise

In a single round of poker, a cap pertains to the maximum raises and bets a player can put. The online casino provider sets this limit. Often, a cap is three to four raises and one bet. The phrase ‘capping a raise’ means that the player placed the final raise of the poker round. Like the table limit, the cap helps the players prevent grave financial consequences.

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3 Important Terms Concerning Bonus

Welcome Bonus

When you start playing online casino games such as DominoQQ Online, a welcome bonus pertains to the compensation for signing up as a member or when a player makes the initial deposit.

The amount of this reward depends on the provider since it usually reflects the extent of competitions between the different online casinos. It is a strategy to attract membership. The bonus may be in the form of loyalty points, monetary balance, or a free play on the games.

Loyalty Points

A casino gives loyalty points as a part of a loyalty system. This incentive is a way of keeping the players engaged. Through this bonus, the players can anticipate gaming upgrades or redeemable and playable cash in exchange for their accumulated loyalty points.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is an incentive that amounts to the equal value of a player’s wager or deposit. There could be specials offers or promotions that gives this bonus.


To increase your chances of winning on online casino games, you should learn some terms about betting such as table limit and about bonus such as loyalty points.